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If you do not have access
to direct sunlight, please use
one of our tested artificial lights
to burn the EZScreen stencil

How To Make an EZScreen™ Stencil
Detailed instructions included in EZScreen™ stencil and kit packaging
EZScreenPrint Stencil
Create and print your artwork. Use an ink jet or laser printer set on best print and/or heavy ink. For best quality use transparency film.   
Center artwork on the clear part of the exposure unit.
EZScreenPrint Stencil
Peel clear protective backing from EZScreen™ Stencil. Discard clear backing.  
EZScreenPrint Silk Screen Stencil
Place EZScreen™ Stencil on artwork, shinny side down.  
EZScreenPrint Silk Screen Stencil
Add black felt board.  
EZScreenPrint Exposure Frame
Add Clips. Clear board, black felt board and clips are included in all starter kits.   
EZScreenPrint Darice Foamie Sheet
Turnover and place a black Foamie on exposure unit. A piece of cardboard or towel will work too. Keep the exposure unit covered until ready to expose.  
EZScreenPrint Silk Screen Stencil
Remove black foamie and Expose to direct sunlight for 1 minute (+/- 10 seconds) with transparency film . After one minute, cover exposure unit again with foamie to prevent over exposure.
Temperature does not matter; however, summer months may take less time to expose than winter months. Exposure time may vary per location, time of day, etc.
EZScreenPrint Silk Screen Stencil
Soak in tap water for a minimum of 15 minutes. A ghost image will appear.
EZScreenPrint Silk Screen Stencil
Use a plastic canvas to support the EZScreen™ stencil during rinsing. Rinse with cold or lukewarm tap water. A kitchen sprayer works great. If needed use a soft brush to remove excess residue. Be sure all the emulsion residue is completely rinsed off, otherwise the ink will not go through the silkscreen.  
EZScreenPrint Silk Screen Stencil
Harden & dry in sunlight. This process makes the stencil durable and last longer.     
If it's windy, place weights on the stencil like tiles from a hardware store. Rotate the tiles so the stencil hardens evenly.
EZScreenPrint Silk Screen Stencil
Ready to use!
EZScreenPrint Silk Screen Stencil
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