Exposure Light Table

Product Description

Burn your EZScreen Stencils any time, day or night, in any weather

ATTENTION: Do NOT use your own light source to expose EZScreen stencils; they will not work. Our lights are affordable, and have been tested extensively with EZScreen stencils to provide the best burn time and distance during your exposure process. If you use your own light, you are doing so at your own expense and we cannot guarantee a good exposure.

EZScreen® Exposure Light Table fixture comes with long lasting white fluorescent bulbs and legs for exposing EZScreen stencils. The fixture adjusts up or down to fit the height of exposure. Exposes in just 20 minutes set at 6 inches above Standard stencils and 40 minutes with HiDef using transparency film. 
  • Two, 20 watt fluorescent bulbs
  • Two lamp 24" fixture
  • 17 inch tall aluminum legs
  • 3 wire cord (International customers must use appropriate adapter and 110-120V transformer/voltage converter)
  • Light slides for easy adjustment
  • 17”h x 27”w x 10”d
  • Easy adjustment knobs

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