Versatex Fixer

Product Description

Fix your heat setting problems with Versatex Fixer. No heat setting necessary when you add Versatex Fixer to Speedball and Jacquard Screen Printing Inks.

Directions: Fixer is used to increase wash fastness. Add 1% to 3% Versatex Fixer to your volume of ink or paint. DO NOT ADD MORE THAN 3%. For example: 1 teaspoon per pint. Mix well. Fixer has a potency of approximately 8-12 hours. Fixer will not ruin your paint or ink. Additional Fixer can be added to paint or ink to recharge when potency has expired. After mixing, apply paint or ink to fabric, paper, wood, leather, ceramics, etc and allow to air dry for 4-6 days before washing.

NOTE: Project outcome and experiments are determined by the user. Always pre-test prior to beginning your project. Review and define production process before starting your projects. Conforms to ASTM D-4236

  • Water based
  • Non-Toxic