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If you do not have access
to direct sunlight, please use
one of our tested artificial lights
to burn the EZScreen stencil

Welcome to EZScreenPrint Do-it-Yourself DIY Personal Screen Printing

The fun easy way to create custom DIY screen print stencils that you can print at home or office!
Easy as 1, 2, 3...
DIY Screen Print a T-Shirt or Craft Item in less than an Hour! 
With NO Chemicals or Heavy Equipment!
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Speedball Screen
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"Just want to thank you folks for an AWESOME product! I am having so much fun experimenting. Your product adds a new, limitless dimension to the medium in which I work.  Your service is first-rate, as well.  Thank you!  ~Deborah"
"I LOOOOOVE the new screens!  They are awesome!

 I have been using the old screens for 6 years.  Naturally, I was apprehensive about having to make the change to new ones.  I was blown away by the feel of the screen (high quality-more durable) and when going through the process of letting the screen soak, I was thrilled that when I pulled it out of the water, all excess dripped off the screen BY ITSELF! I usually had spent a lot of time and energy, CAREFULLY, with a special sponge and paint brushes removing that.  i had ruined quite a few over the years.  I felt like this was foool proof with this new screen!  AMAZING!  So happy about this new screen!

in joy, ~J. C."
"WOW WOW WOW  I am impressed and i have not even screen printed anything yet the emulsion that's is posta lift up came up way better then the other stuff nice and clean. I can't wait to do my first screening with ink.
all my best ~Tj"
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