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If you do not have access
to direct sunlight, please use
one of our tested artificial lights
to burn the EZScreen stencil

Welcome to EZScreenPrint® "Do it Yourself" Personal Screen Printing

The fun easy way to create custom silk screen stencils that you can print at home or office!
Easy as 1, 2, 3...
Screen Print a T-Shirt or Craft Item in less than an Hour! 
With NO Chemicals or Heavy Equipment!
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"Just want to thank you folks for an AWESOME product! I am having so much fun experimenting. Your product adds a new, limitless dimension to the medium in which I work.  Your service is first-rate, as well.  Thank you!  ~Deborah"
"I LOOOOOVE the new screens!  They are awesome!

 I have been using the old screens for 6 years.  Naturally, I was apprehensive about having to make the change to new ones.  I was blown away by the feel of the screen (high quality-more durable) and when going through the process of letting the screen soak, I was thrilled that when I pulled it out of the water, all excess dripped off the screen BY ITSELF! I usually had spent a lot of time and energy, CAREFULLY, with a special sponge and paint brushes removing that.  i had ruined quite a few over the years.  I felt like this was foool proof with this new screen!  AMAZING!  So happy about this new screen!

in joy, ~J. C."
"WOW WOW WOW  I am impressed and i have not even screen printed anything yet the emulsion that's is posta lift up came up way better then the other stuff nice and clean. I can't wait to do my first screening with ink.
all my best ~Tj"
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