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Welcome to EZScreenPrint®, home of EZScreen® Stencils and easy to use DIY screen printing products. Our amazing DIY pre-coated emulsion sheets are quick and easy to make, reusable, and have unbelievably professional results. The stencil burns in only 1 minute in direct sunlight and a 15 minute tap water soak. Our screen printing kits are compact enough so you can screen print at home or office and require NO bulky equipment. Our silk screen stencils can print on all types of surfaces! Along with t-shirts and fabric, you can screen print on surfaces such as paper, cards, tote bags, and even wood to make personalized wooden signs. EZScreen stencils can also be used on curved surfaces! Screen print on glass, mason jars, champagne glasses, mugs, ceramic or pottery. Metal and plastic surfaces can be screen printed with our silkscreen stencils as well. Make personalized DIY screen printed gifts for weddings or birthdays, family reunion t-shirts, screen print cardboard boxes with your company logo, screen print paper to make invitations or holiday cards, or screen print a special design on your ceramic projects; the possibilities are endless!

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 How-To Make an EZScreen DIY Screen Printing Stencil at Home or Office


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