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DIY Silk Screen Printing on Wine Glasses 0

"I recently did a project for my parents' 40th Anniversary party. I printed a two-color design on multiple wine glasses and Collins glasses that we used as candle holders. 
This was my first time printing on glass, so I did not really know how things would go. After some anticipated trial and error, I was very pleased with the result! I followed the directions provided on your site except I found a soft squeegee worked out better than a brush in my case.
For the red, I used DecoArt Americana 3D Opaque Gloss Enamel as suggested on your site. I didn't have a ton of luck with the Americana white, so I ended up using FolkArt Wicker White Glass Enamel. It was perfectly opaque and printed nicely. So far both paints have held up on the glasses. I baked the paints to cure them and I've used/washed the ones I kept a few times so far. " -Brian


DIY Silk Screen Printing Kit at Home for Glass

DIY At Home Glass Screen Printing

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Repost from @maelstrommarble ・・・ Rule #476: When one has a logo, one must screen print. . . . . . . . . 

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Father's Day DIY Screen Printed T-Shirts 0

DIY Silk Screening At Home Stencils

For Father's Day, I screen printed this custom baby onesie and t-shirt set for my husband. He is a major car enthusiast and also works on them for a living. But all the t-shirts I could find were super cheasy, so duh, I made my own!

The designs themselves were created on my PC using WordDoc. The font is called Eras Demi ITC. The small baby onesie was made with a mini Standard stencil, and the t-shirt design fit perfectly on the regular 8.5"x11" size Standard stencil.

I used Speedball Pearly White Opaque ink for the black onesie, and Speedball Black screen printing ink for the adult t-shirt. From start to finish, this Father's Day gift took a few hours to complete (including creating the two designs). 

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Customer Showcase Submission by Jeanne 0

"I’m a 30+ year graphic designer and my friend Bill asked me to design a logo for his business as a steel drum player/performer. I surprised him, then, with t-shirts, which I made with EZScreenPrint products.  When winter came, I surprised him with long-sleeved t-shirts, and a hoodie. Bill loves his shirts so much, that he wears only his Jolly Mon t-shirts 95% of the time. And guess what?  His business has boomed.  He was swamped with bookings in his first year of playing. He then asked me to print multiple shirts for him to sell at his gigs. I love your product and have since printed shirts for many different businesses. The only tip I have, is that I have to print two identical transparencies, to double the darkness of the image. My printers do not print them dark enough to work with just one transparency. So I print two, and tape them together, lining them up perfectly. This method creates the perfect screen on the first try. With that tip, I’ve had zero problems creating perfect screens."

Amazingly Simple T-Shirt Screen Printing

Easy DIY T-Shirt Screen Printing

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Customer Showcase Submission by Josh 0

"We use your ezscreen prints to print our lid designs on our subscription boxes that we send to our customers ( Here's a pic of three of the different lid designs that we've done using ezscreenprints." -Josh of One Pound Coffee Co.

DIY Screen Print for Cardboard Box

Easy DIY Screen Print Supplies for Cardboard Boxes

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Customer Showcase Submission by Kristin 0

"I use your ezscreens to screen print onto pottery. These 300 cups were for my sisters wedding!"

DIY Screen Printed Ceramic Mugs

DIY Screen Printing for Wedding

Easy DIY Screen Print Kits

DIY Screen Print Stencils for Ceramic

DIY Custom Screen Printing Supplies

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