DIY Silk Screen Printing


NEW! LED Exposure Light With Stand 0

NEW! LED Exposure Light With Stand

Burn your EZScreen Stencils any time, day or night, in any weather

ATTENTION: Do NOT use your own light source to expose EZScreen stencils; they will not work. Our lights are affordable, and have been tested extensively with EZScreen stencils to provide the best burn time and distance during your exposure process. If you use your own light, you are doing so at your own expense and we cannot guarantee a good exposure.

EZScreen® LED Exposure Light with Stand comes with a long lasting LED hanging lamp fixture and legs for exposing EZScreen stencils. Exposes in just 30 minutes using transparency film. 
  • LED hanging lamp fixture
  • Wire frame stand, 23″ H x 26″ W x 12″ D
  • 5 foot plug-in cord (not recommended for international customers)
  • Full assembly and exposure instructions
  • Sloane Simmons

NEW Ready To Use Silk Screen Printing Design Stencils 7

We have added 5 new designs to our ready-to-use stencil collection. Our ready to use silkscreens can be used for:

  • T-shirt screen printing
  • Printing on ceramic / pottery
  • Printing on polymer clay
  • Glass screen printing
  • Printing on wood
  • and more!

Click the image to see the product page.


Carnation Flower Design Silk Screen Stencil

Carnation, Various Sizes


April Blush Camellia Flower Design Silk Screening Stencil

April Blush Camellia, Various Sizes


Doodle Forest Pattern Designer Ceramic Silk Screen Stencil

Doodle Forest Pattern, 8.5"x11"


Cordate Heart Leaf Pattern Ceramic Silk Screen Stencil

Cordate Leaf Pattern, Various Sizes


Clocks Hourglass Pattern Ceramic Pottery Silk Screen Stencil

Clocks Pattern, Various Sizes

  • Sloane Simmons

Silk Screen Printed Ceramic Plates & Planters 0

Silk Screen Printed Ceramic Plates & Planters

Silk Screen Printed Ceramic Pottery Planter


Silk Screen Printed Ceramic Plates


Silk Screen Printed Ceramic Plates

  • Sloane Simmons

2 Color Ammonite Fossil Screen Print Process 0

2 Color Ammonite Fossil Screen Print Process

Here is a fun time lapse video showcasing our newest ready-to-use stencil design, the ammonite fossil. This stencil comes with two designs that can be used on their own or together for an organic 2 layer design (does not have perfect registration). I allowed the blue ink to dry for about 30 minutes first before printing with the black ink on top. The first print was easy to line up by eye balling it, but once the black ink was coated on the stencil, it was hard to line up the second and third fossil. But heck, I just went for it! I loved the off set layered result.




Ammonite Fossil ready-to-use stencil

Speedball screen printing ink

Scissors (optional)

Plastic knife or popcicle stick

Blue painters tape


  • Sloane Simmons

Screen Printing Fabric Process Video 0

Screen Printing Fabric Process Video

Enjoy our quick time lapse video showing how easy it is to use your EZScreen stencil to print on fabric.

Supplies used in this video:

  • Sloane Simmons

Screen Printing on Chalkboards 0

Screen Printing on Chalkboards Process Video

These time lapse videos show how easy it is to silk screen on chalkboards. The same process can be used for wood, t-shirts, ceramic, glass, and much more! As you can see, adhesive stencils are not a necessity when printing on chalkboards or any non-porous surface.

EZScreen Folk Art Christmas Tree stencil in medium (video 1)
EZScreen Merry Christmas Script stencil in medium (video 2)
DecoArt "Chalky Finish" acrylic paint
8"x6" mini chalkboard

DIY Silk Screen Printing Chalkboard Stencil

  • Sloane Simmons