Help Guide - Getting Started

Getting Started

DIY Screen Printing At Home Supplies

These are our recommendations of what you will need to get started using EZScreen Stencils and on your way to create your very own custom t-shirts and crafts!
Complete T-Shirt Starter Kits - Comes with everything you need to make five 8.5"x11" EZScreen stencils and print t-shirts, wood or other fabric projects. These kits include your choice of fabric ink sets.
Basic Starter Kits - Comes with everything you need to make two 8.5"x11" EZScreen stencils. We recommend the basic kits if you only need one or two colors of ink (not included) or if you are printing on a surface that requires specialty inks/paints.
Standard Refill Sheets - If you have several designs, Standard EZScreen Stencils are available in refill sheets (optional). Standard silk screen stencils are typically used for fabric such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags and other porous surfaces. Choose from 3, 5, 10 and 20 packs in our regular size screens. Mini and large stencils are also available.

HiDef Refill Sheets - If you have several designs, HiDef EZScreen Stencils are available in refill sheets (optional). HiDef Stencil Sheets are intended for artwork with small details, fine lines, or halftones. Typically, used for hard surfaces such as glass, plastic, and metal. Choose from 3, 5, 10 and 20 packs in our regular size screens. Mini sizes are also available.

Mini Refill Stencils - If you have small designs, Standard or HiDef EZScreen Mini Stencils are available in refill sheets (optional). Choose from 6, 12, 24 and 50 packs.
EZScreen Large Stencil - For larger designs we offer 11"x17" stencils (optional)

  • Large Exposure Board - Used to expose EZScreen 11"x17" large stencil (Required if large stencils are purchased)

Transparency Film - Used to print your high quality design/artwork. Choose from ink jet or laser/copier transparency sheets. Regular printer paper is NOT recommended. Included in all basic and complete kits, but not mini kits.

Plastic Canvas
To support the EZScreen Stencil during rinsing and cleaning ink. Comes in various sizes and types. Included in all basic and complete kits, but not mini kits.
Cardboard insert - Used to cover EZScreen Stencil in exposure board unit before and after exposure to direct sunlight. Included in all starter kits except mini kits.

Squeegees - Used to apply screen printing ink onto fabric. Comes in different sizes. 9" Speedball squeegees also available (optional)
Plastic Frames - Helpful for multiple printing (optional)
Improve your efficiency with a plastic frame. There is no need to wash the stencil after each print. The number of prints depends on your skill level and practice. Also, helps to prevent the ink from going over the edge of the stencil and onto the shirt. Use tape (masking tape, scotch tape, etc.) to adhere the stencil to the frame. Plastic frames are available in a variety of sizes. Included in complete kits.
Screen Printing Inks - Speedball or Jacquard screen printing inks
Choose from Speedball and Jacquard screen printing inks. Both are ideal for EZScreen stencils. They are slow drying for multiple printing and washes off with water. Heat setting is required to prevent fading. Use a heat press or a dry iron set on the highest temperature. Keep the iron moving to prevent scorching. Wait one week before washing. Included in complete kits and also available in individual jars.
Versatex Fixer - Heat setting is not required if you mix fixer into the ink. It can be mixed with Speedball, Jacquard, or Versatex Inks. (optional)
Speedball Exposure Light - If you do not have direct sunlight (optional)
When direct sunlight is not available, expose/burn EZScreen Stencil any time, day or night, with our affordable light units.


Ready-To-Use Design Stencils - We now offer ready to print stencils in a variety of designs and sizes. Look through our categories of designs to see if you find one perfect for your screen printing project! Our Ready-To-Use stencils are perfect for ceramic projects, polymer clay artists, screen printing on pillow or tote-nags, custom wooden signs, and much more!

Custom Made Personalized Silk Screens - If you would like to skip the do-it-yourself process altogether, we can make your custom stencil for you! Utilizing your artwork, we will make and ship the stencil within 3 business days.