EZScreen Mini Starter Kit

Product Description

EASY DIY Screen Printing Kit with Professional Results!
EZScreen™ stencils can be used to silk screen on fabric, metal, plastic, wood, scrapbook, glass, polymer clay, tile, and so much more
Product Details: 
EZScreen™ Mini Starter Kit - Just like the regular EZScreen™ Starter Kit only a mini size. This mini screenprinting starter kit is the economical way to evaluate EZScreen™ Stencils for your particular needs. The perfect size for creating stencils for screenprinting on paper craft, also great for rubber stampers, calligraphers, labels, glass etching, etc., or any project that does not require our full sized EZScreen™ stencils. Using the exposure board, expose your artwork to the EZScreen™ stencil outside in direct sunlight or with one of our tested artificial lightsComes complete with everything you need to create screen printing stencils up to 4.25''x5.5''. Just add your own artwork, choice of inks from Speedball or Jacquard, plastic frames or transparency film.

STANDARD STENCILS: EZScreen™ Standard Screen Print Stencils are perfect for most stenciling and silk screen printing needs. Its larger mesh openings lend itself well to paints containing large pigments (like opaque inks) while at the same time providing great detail. Ideal for screen printing on fabric, t-shirts, wood, and ceramic projects using thick paints or under-glazes.

HIDEF STENCILS: EZScreen™ HiDef stencils have a higher mesh count, which makes it suitable for detailed images, finer lines, and halftones. It is recommended for use on hard surfaces such as glass, plastic, and metal. You can achieve superb details with EZScreen™ HiDef stencils and the mesh pattern is less visible than Standard on hard surfaces.

Kit Includes:
One (1) - 5"x7" Exposure Board Unit
Four (4) - 4.25''x5.5'' EZScreen Stencils (Standard or HiDef)
Two (2) - Small EZScreen Stencil Test Pieces
One (1) - 2" Squeegee

$ 29.99

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