Jacquard Screen Printing Inks

Product Description

Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Inks are ideal to use with EZScreen™ Standard and HiDef Stencils. Jacquard inks have good body and screen beautifully with excellent resolution. With a slightly stiff hand they are especially well suited to commercial applications. These inks were designed for and are permanent on most surfaces (excluding glass).

OPEN TIME - These inks break new ground with a greatly extended open time. This gives you the flexibility to work with more colors without the ink drying in the screens.

Permanence - Archival & light-fast, these inks are permanent on most non-porous surfaces including: fabric, paper, plastic, vinyl, leather, metal, & more! Fabrics must be heat-set for permanence and durability. Once set, the inks are fully washable and dry-cleanable on all natural & synthetic fabrics.

Water-based - No smelly solvents and cleanup is easy with just soap & water.

16 ounce only available in black & white

  • Extended open time unmatched by other inks
  • Permanent on most surfaces including: Fabric, Paper, Metal, Plastic, Vinyl, Leather, & More!
  • Archival & light-fast
  • Washable and dry-cleanable on natural and synthetic fabrics
  • Does not wrinkle paper when screening art prints
  • Water-based so cleanup is easy with soap & water
Blue 111
Brown 116
Dark Green
Sky Blue
Violet 110
Gold 120
Solar Gold
Silver 112

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