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EZScreen DIY Screen Printed Glass Drinking Mug


Screen printing on glass has more of a learning curve than screen printing on fabric. But once you get the technique down, the possibilities are endless!
I created a St. Patrick's Day design for a glass drinking mug and made the stencil with >>these directions<<
DIY Screen Printing Emulsion Sheet


I found this awesome glass beer mug at Dollar Tree for $1. I prepped the glass by cleaning it with alcohol to get rid of any grime or dirt.
DIY Screen Printed Glass Mug


The paint I used was DecoArt Americana Opaque 3D Acrylic Paint. It works great on glass surfaces.
DecoArt Americana 3D Opaque Glass Acrylic Paint


I sprayed the back emulsion side of my stencil with repositionable tacky adhesive spray. This step is very important, otherwise the paint may bleed under the stencil if 100% contact is not made. I positioned the stencil on the glass and rubbed out the air bubbles.
DIY Screen Print Glass Beer Mug


Using an artist brush, I applied the glass paint making sure to cover the entire design.
DIY At Home Glass Screen Printing


After printing, I immediately washed off the stencil. Acrylic paint dries much more quickly than screen printing ink so it's very important to wash the screen right after.
DIY At Home Screen Printed Glass Beer Mug